iPhone update, OS X Leopard First Impressions

I've had my iPhone now for almost 5 months. I got my $100 Apple store credit (which i used to buy my wife an iPhone). I finally got the 1.1.1 update (as of yesterday now 1.1.2, but not as significant). So do I STILL love my iPhone? Absolutely. Hands down the best gadget money can buy.  I could go on about how rad it is to buy iTunes at the coffee shop, keep up on my RSS feeds, add appointments, jot down a quick note, get my GMail (now with IMAP support!), etc.  Just know that I love my iPhone and you should pony up too.  There isn't another mobile device that competes.

I'm in the process of restoring my files to my Macbook after doing a clean install of Leopard (my 1st Mac OS clean install). So far so good. I made a Carbon Copy of my Macintosh HD, used the migration assistant for the applications, however i decided to hand pick files to migrate. One of those "well if i dont grab it within 6 months, guess i dont need it" approaches. Thanks to Mike's Guide and Scott's Liveblog install posts at TUAW.

So first impression? Honestly, I give it just an "eh".  I dig the new eye-candy dock and menu bar. So far the finder is fine. Im looking forward to puting Quick Look and Cover Flow to the test and sure, Time Machine will be nice when they add Airport Disk Support (which I'm pretty sure was an original feature back in Janurary-- one of the main reasons I sprung for an AEBS). I'll be back with an update on Leopard after the courtship has ended.