Christmas Wrap-up

I had a pretty darn good Christmas.  I got the V-Moda headphones I wanted for my iPhone, the Epson Printer I asked for, the Razer Lycosa keyboard (for my PC doppleganger), some great Zoo York shoes and a bunch of Blu-Ray movies including the extra-special Blade Runner set.  I'll be posting reviews of the electronics I recieved hopefully after I've used them for a good month.  First impressions of all the above are great.

I also picked up a few games during my vacation. First is The Orange Box (PC) by vALVE software.  I mainly purchased it for Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2, but to be honest, Portal stole the show.  I had heard about it, but I figgured it was just another Ricochet.  I haven't even dived into Episode 2 yet!

I've also been playing Warhawk (PS3). I was a beta tester earlier in the year, and the final version (the expansion is now available as well) is awesome.  I'm pretty sure Warhawk is the first multi-player only console game, and is a awesome testament to next-gen games and a heavy focus on online gaming.  Sure the story in the Halo games is great, and im sure Call of Duty 4 is single player is fun, but most people bought the game for the online multi-player.

Well I'm off to Spokane to watch the Chiefs whoop Kootany.