The Gorge 9-8-2007

Sparta: If you're not familiar, Sparta= (At the Drive-In) - (The Mars Volta)... for the most part. The 4 piece took the stage at about 6:45pm and only played 5 songs thankfully spreading the love from Wiretap Scars to Threes. Excellent performance. However it should be noted that I could've used some binoculars.
Highlight song: "Taking Back Control" from the album Threes (Warning ITMS link).

Alice In Chains: How is this possible you ask? Well if I believed in such a thing, I would claim that Lane Staley possessed this guy named William Duval. I was blown away how well William sounded like the late Mr. Staley.  I was hoping for some new material, but only received a dose of highschool memories (the good ones). Excellent performance, not much of a stage show; just some early 90's computer animations.
Highlight Song: Its between "Again" from the self-titled album  and "We Die Young" from Facelift (iTMS).

Velvet Revolver: the opposite equasion to Sparta- Velvet Revolver = Stone Temple Pilots + Guns and Roses.  While I'm not personally a huge fan of Velvet Revolver or Guns and Roses (mostly Axl), I love STP. Lucky for me they played (covered?) "Vasoline" and "Sex Type Thing".  I didn't stay for the whole show, but obviously the STP songs were the highlights for me. Scott Weiland has an excellent stage presence and is a ton of fun to watch. Slash was cool, but nothing special.