iPhone 1.1.1 update waiting in the wings

So I've read about it, I've seen it, and dammit, I want it. Expected new functionality:

  • WiFi iTunes Store: Buy new songs on the go! Take that Zune!
  • Enhanced "home" button: brings up the now playing controls on a double click.
  • Video Out: with Apple's component cables.
  • Other small new features: international roaming & keyboards, new calculator icon.

Speculation: Notice on the O2 iPhone the Weather Icon has different numbers than the US iPhone. Could we be getting current temperature updates on the icon like the calendar? I thought that perhaps the O2 iPhone was just using celcius, however that doesn't change the icon on my iPhone.

The one feature I personally am waiting for is the Flash plug-in for mobile Safari. However, I will be surprised if we see it in 1.1.1.

Well OK Apple. I'm ready for that update now.