iPhone firmware 1.1.3 exposed


Unless you've been neglecting the intertubes, you already have heard something about the latest firmware for the iPhone. The as-of-yet unannounced 1.1.3 iPhone firmware is in the wild. Gearlive.com somehow got their gurbby hands on the latest firmware and have been sharing it with us for about 3 days. 1.1.3 presents a very healthy and welcome set of updates, however it STILL lacks my desire for some Flash support for mobile Safari.

Check out this video from Gearlive.com showing off the 1.1.3 firmware. 

And the Feature Set:



  • "Locate Me"- cell tower triangulation to mimic GPS.
  • Hybrid Map View 
  • Movable location PIN- add your own location without knowing the address using the map to place your location pin.


  • SMS to multiple people at once.


  • Re-arrange icons on the home screen and springboard, and multiple homescreen pages (to welcome all those new apps thanks to the SDK TBA at Macworld).
  • Add Safari Bookmarks to the home screen

 View Images on Gearlive

As I find more information about the complete feature set, I will post them.  Thanks of course to my favorite web blogs Engadget and TUAW. I love you guys.