Macworld 2008

This week marks the uber mac geek (myself included) annual meltdown. Macworld 2008 is poised to officially start today, but we'll all have to wait until tomorrow to see our man in the black turtleneck and jeans give us some new silicon-based items to drool over (hopefully).  There is alot of anticipation for this year's keynote, which could very well turn into disappointment. Last year's keynote was such a monumental keynote with the announcement of my the iPhone, it will be very hard to top.  But if anyone can suprise, Apple can. 

I'll try to post breaking news as I hear it, but if you want to follow the keynote yourself, im a HUGE fan of Engadget and TUAW, both of which will be covering the keynote live. 

So far, speculation suggests we'll see:

  • an update to the iPhone (16GB, perhaps 3G)
  • Macbook Air (Ultra portable mac.. perhaps with a separate optical drive)
I'm hoping for a compelling reason to purchase a Apple TV, and I'm interested in seeing this ultra-portable thingamajig. I'll post more as it comes in!