Macworld 2008 rundown

I know some people were hoping for updated Cinema Displays featureing some of that iSight and glossy screen goodness, and perhaps a 3G iPhone with 16 gigs (i guess they haven't got a juicy enough battery yet for Steve, which I think is a good thing).  But this is pretty much the Macworld that most people with a pulse on the Mac community predicted, myself included.  My wife (who reads like and other general news sites) said that she read Macworld was a dissapointment.  But as I posted earlier, last years iPhone announcement was massive. Even my mother heard about it (aside from my telling her). Last years Macworld Keynote was friggin historical, and thats going to be VERY tough to top. 

Macbook Air

My first impression obviously was, "holy cow, that sucker is THIN".  It deffinitely looks amazing; obviously I wouldn't expect any less. It even has some impressive specs. However, it is deffinitely not for everyone. Starting at $1799 this dosen't exactly attract the casual UMPC market. You've got to be a serious jet setter with a basic (and very stylish) OSX need. So its deffinitely aimed at a specific market.

Apple TV take 2

I've been looking for a decent reason to buy an Apple TV; some compelling argument so I can have another Apple product in the house.  I don't thing a price drop and movie rentals is going to cut it this time around either.  The new interface is slick, and the Flickr function is intriguing. But honestly I've never really used flickr, and I don't even use my YouTube on my iPhone that often.  As I was discussing with my friend Sean, I think I'd be more compelled to buy an Apple TV if I could pay a monthly subscription fee for (at least) all you-can-eat Movies and TV.  I actually don't have cable TV at home.  I haven't had cable in years. At this point I've got Netflix for movies and TV shows (includes my Blu-Ray disc rentals- at no extra cost), and so far thats the best solution to enjoy content on my widescreen tv.  Now, just to throw this out there, if I could get an iTunes subscription that included all-you-can-eat movies, tv shows AND music, I'd fork over a benjamin ($100) a month, and buy an Apple TV.   Just throwing it out there. Leave a comment if you agree.

iPhone 1.1.3 firmware

I upgraded at lunch today. Since im in almost-hicktown Washington, the new "locate me" triangulation feature is quite underwhelming.  In fact, I think I'm most impressed with the web clips.  I can basically bookmark a website and add an icon to my home screen. So now I've got Engadget in 1 less touch.  I like the ability to re-arrange my icons, but I think this will come into better use when I've got more native apps (as opposed to web apps).  I accidentally came across the lyrics function while listening to Niggy Tardust (apparently Saul and Trent were nice enough to include them).  I'm not much of a lyrics man myself (I play ryhthm guitar), but I think if this was a standard feature I'd check it out more often.

Time Capsule

 In a capsule its a AEBSN + a hard drive (omitting one of my usb wires, and that external drive I just bought).  Hopefully there will be a firmware update that will allow me to use my current setup to use time machine wirelessly. Thats all I have on that.

So that pretty much covers the main annoucnements. I heard something along the lines that the iPhone SDK wouldnt be out until the end of February, which is pretty weak, but I suppose better later than never.  Some could call this a disappointing Macworld, but as El Jobso said himself, we have 50 weeks left in the year.