Official Shon Dempsey dot Com iPhone iPod Touch icon

With todays firmware release for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch came a nifty feature which at this point is my favorite in the update: Web Clips.  This slick feature allows you to bookmark a website and add it to your homescreen. Normally, this will take the top-left hand portion of the website and turn it into the icon it uses for on the home screen.  Presenting the official icon.  Bookmark me and enjoy!

To make your own icon for your own site, simply make a 57x57 pixel png,  and drop that sucker in the root directory of your site.  If you dont have access to your root directory, simply add this header code:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="insert_your_PNG_link_here"></link>

Apparently you can specify a new icon for every page.