2 Days left for Macheist Bundle

I do other things on a Mac besides design stuff, and the Macheist bundle helps me do that stuff better, faster and more punk. The bundle includes utility, productivity, edity, and gamey software.  The apps that I was sold on were:

  • 1password - A password, and identity auto form filler. Faster logins, less passwords to remember (i suppose you really only need 1, hence 1password). I use it daily. Easily worth the $29.95 standalone price.
  • CoverSutra - Absolutely killer iTunes controller app. Also displays album art on your desktop.
  • AppZapper - The must have app for removing other apps. Don't trash it, Zap it!

These 3 apps alone were worth the $49 price for the bundle. I'm excited to use Cha-Ching, the simple iTunes-esque money manager, CSSEdit, Pixelmator, and Speed Download.  I plan, as time goes on, to give my 2 cents on the other included apps with this killer bundle.  Do yourself, and your beloved Mac, a favor and get this bundle while the getting is good (translation: less than 2 days).

The Macheist website gives a quick and concise overview of each app, so at least check that out.