Xerox brand identity gets an upgrade... after 40 years.


Announced today, that big X with the floating pixels, easily recognized as Xerox, gets an overhaul.  Gone is the serif typeface, and a "logoptic" (commonly referred to as a mark, or symbol) featuring a Xbox-esque "X" has been added.  According to Anne M. Mulcahy, Xerox chairman and chief executive officer, "Our new brand reflects who we are, the markets we serve and the innovation that differentiates us in our industry."  Basically they want consumers to perceive Xerox as more than just a copy machine.  I dig the new identity; I like the smooth lower-case typeface, however I'm not too keen on the "logoptic".  I feel the ball is too trendy for such an established company, and even though it lends itself to animation, I don't think it will stand the test of time.  Other examples of the "3D orb" trend: Xbox 360, at&t, Sony-Ericsson, and the Playstation Network to name a few.  I too am guilty of falling into the orb trend; a few years ago.  Overall I like the update, but again, I'm afraid it just won't last.