The PS3 Championed Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray to return the favor.

I remember when Sony announced that the Playstation 3 would include their brand spankin' new blue-laser-disc-reading-high-deffinition drive as the primary optical drive, the internets were ablaze with aches and groans.  Cost was the big complaint.  However  the PS3 debuted as the most affordable Blu-Ray player on the market, and still is the best bang-for-buck.  The other complaint was un-proven technology.

Now granted, no one could call the format war back then, but Sony knew what they were doing.  Now that Blu-Ray has won the format war, and in my oppionion thanks to the PS3, we're going to see those people that were on the fence about which format to buy will finally purchase their Blu-Ray player.  Which player might you ask? According to Engadget HD's recent poll, an overwhelming 50%+ say its the Playstation 3, due to its price (oh yes. price.) and of course the games.  While some might say that the PS3 still doesn't have any "good games", I beg to differ. We should see some sharp sales numbers for the HD console that will convice developers to pull up their panties and quit complainging about how difficult devlopment is for the PS3.

Not only is the PS3 sharing major releases with 360, this year Sony whips out its big exclusive guns: Guns of the Patriots (apparently getting its own bundle) and Final Fantasy 13. Both are console sellers. But that not my point.

My point is that Blu-Ray will sell Playstation 3's. Simply because the PS3 is the most bang-for-buck, its NOT just a:

  • Blu-Ray player
  • Up-scaling DVD player
  • HD game console
  • Upscaled PS2 (20, 60 and 80GB models at this time)
  • Audio/Video/Photo center
  • internet browser
  • Linux box

 It is all of these. The best part? Sony firmware updates for the life of the product which will only enable added functionality in the future.  There is talk of an agreement with Netflix for streaming movies, Europe is getting a DVR+slingbox-esque add on which we should see soon (hopefully), and as long as those BD standards get updated, so will the PS3.

The PS3 is simply the best, most powerful companion for a HDTV.