Call of Duty 4: what they say is true.

I usually play FPS games on my PC (the mouse/keyboard combo is much more natural), so I tend to avoid FPS games on consoles.  I'm just not very good at them.  However COD4 has been getting rave reviews and I believe has even picked up a few GOTY awards.  So a friend of mine rented it for his PS3.  I played it for about an hour online, and went out and bought it.  I haven't even played the single player campaigns yet.

I had read a post on PS3fanboy about a weekend a few months back where players got double the XP, and immediately I discounted the game.  I figgured unless you got in on the ground floor, playing online would be a waste of time since so many people had been playing for so long, and now were going to get double the experience points for that weekend.  However, the multiplayer is set up so well that even if you're a 5 star general 3x over, you can still get your ass handed to you by a corpal newbie.  Sure the general has a bit more of an arsonal to choose from, and some bonus items, but none of them make an overwhelming difference when it comes to gameplay. Needless to say, I'm getting over my fear for console FPSs.  The variety of weapons is great, the online game mode types are fresh and the maps are very dynamic. Lots of fun.

My only gripe? No dedicated mic button.  If you have your mic on, its always on.  So i get to hear plenty of rap music, crying babies, cell phone calls and arguments with parent on top of the normal BS I would likely hear anyway.  Unfortunately the only solution I've found is to turn on my own mic, and stuff it in the seat cusion so the mic chatter comes only through the headset and I can play in peace.  Or maybe I should fire-up the single player campaigns.  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is worth your hard earned $60 for the Playstation 3.