Nintendo Wii and God of War PSP. I'm done.

My early relationships with the Wii and PSP got off to a rocky start. After some maturing (on their part, of course), I decided to give them that ubiquitous second chance.

The Nintendo Wii

I haven't seen much decent mature out of this console, with a few sparkling exceptions. The first would be the Virtual Console. Nostalgia holds quite a bit of weight in my book and the Wii makes it very easy to relive those (sometimes terrible) games. Mario, Contra, Street Fighter, Kid Chameleon, 1080 and with more being added every week. The second sparkler for the Wii is this new Wiiware thing. Simple original content. While I have yet to try any of these titles out, it definitely shows promise. I also like the idea that both big name publishers and indie coders alike can develop for Wiiware. The final sparkler that recently hooked me was Super Mario Galaxy. I've never been a huge Mario fan, and I've never beaten one, but as childish as Super Mario Galaxy looks, its really quite fun and addictive, yet not overly difficult. So thanks to Mario, and some help from the past, I now own another Wii. Now for the gripes I have. On my previous Wii I had a handful of games that I had downloaded from the VC. I was under the assumption that if i purchased a new Wii, that all i would have to do is link my account to my new Wii, and voila, I could re-download all of my purchases, especially since all those games show up on my 'My Nintendo' site. No dice. After an email and a phone call to Nintendo support, they tell me the VC games cannot be carried over to a new system and I would have to repurchase them. Apparently the Wii console itself has the license to the content, NOT the account. Looks like Nintendo needs to take a few courses from the school of Sony.

The God of War PSP Bundle

I have been waiting for this limited edition PSP bundle for a few months now, and it was finally released today. My previous PSP was an original, while my new one is a "PSP 2000". Slimmer, lighter, brighter screen, a bit of rearrangement of a few items like the speakers and ports plus video out, constitutes this new version. This bundle includes "God of War: Chains of Olympus", the Sony proprietary UMD of "Superbad", and a wall charger. I sold my last one because i just didn't play it enough, and there wasn't much content available. Since I have a PS3, the most enticing reason to get another PSP is "remote play". With remote play, I can access my PS3 anywhere I have a wifi connection with my PSP. The PSP will even wake my PS3 if it is turned off. I can access music, videos, the Playstation Store (yes, it saves content to the PSP!), and most of all games. Namely one game right now- Pixel Junk Monsters. Yup, I can now play PJ:M at Café Mela. Its pretty slick. So with the remote play feature, some great titles (GoW of course), a pretty good screen to watch videos on, and a plane trip to NY next week, the time was right. Then I discovered a major flaw with this bundle... real quick. No included memory stick. Thats right, the PSP has no on-board storage space, and in order to save a game, including the one that is included in the bundle, you need to purchase one more item. Lame. Why dont they just include the damn memory stick, and charge an extra $20? At least you a have a fully functioning system. My first bundle did. In fact, it came with headphones, a soft case, a cleaning cloth and the memory stick. Sure it was a paltry 32MB but it was SOMETHING. The only other thing I've noticed in comparison to the original PSP, is that the PSP 2000 seems a bit more chintzy. Since I don't have the original, my guess is the overall materials used feel different. Memory stick and chintzy issues aside, I'm glad I picked one up. Red is cool, and so is Kratos.