Ah the accessories

image via Zagg.com

I got some good deals on my PSP accessories.  My local Fred Meyer has all video game accessories 20% (has been for over a month now).  Low and behold I found an officialy licensed PSP bag: pouch for PSP, pouch for ac adapter & headphones, and a pouch for UMDs and those fabled Memory Stick Duo Pros with Magic Gate technology.  Speaking of the devil, I was also able to get a pretty good deal on the MSDP:MG at a wonderful online electronics retailer you should be aware of.  Freddy M's also had some good under $20PS3 games like The Darkness and The Bigs.  Finally I ordered an Invisible Shield that covers the front and back of the PSP. I used an Invisible Shield for my iPhone, but wasn't happy with it for the phone, but I believe it will serve its purpose well for the PSP.  So, my dear readers, the first 2 people that comment on this post claiming what their favorite PSP game is gets a code for 20% off an Invisible Shield.  Post up!