iPhone software 2.0


So if you haven't seen my tweets, I'm having quite a bit of fun with the iPhone software 2.0 update. The App store is amazing, and the updates to the existing feature set are very welcome. Earlier today I did discover a new feature I hadn't read yet on any of my favorite Apple blogs. I was listening to Pendulum's "In Silico" album that I purchased from iTunes. It came with 3 music videos. Normally, when I listened to the album, my iPhone would play the music videos, but only the music. It just displayed a video still while the music was playing. If I wanted to view the actual video, I would have to select "Videos" from my source list, and select the video there. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see the "Granite" music video playing as I was listening to the music. When the phone is in Portrait view, you can choose to fill the screen or view the proper aspect ratio. Yes, I also welcome the handy screen cap trick too! (hold down the home button for a few seconds, then press the sleep/power button)