Finally: I bought a MINI

My Bulldog

After falling in love during a test drive late last year, I knew I had to have a MINI Cooper S.  My friend Justin in DC has one and just raved about it.  After seeing one on a local car lot here in Wenatchee a month ago, my interest piqued again.  The one on the lot was overpriced and had fairly high miles.  After talking to Justin about the aforementioned MINI he sent me a ton of links on NAM for private party sales.  I found the one.  Red, just like my beloved tC (which I sold so we could go to Europe) and matte black rims. Perfect.

I feel I really lucked out on this bad boy.  Its F A S T.  202 whp to be exact (my tC was heavier, and had at least 20 less whp).  Thanks to the previous owner's (known by his peers as Baxter) well thought out upgrade process and a tune from RMW. Baxter needed to sell it to give him an edge in a contest he was selected to participate in with his (and now our) Credit Union.

So I met Baxter on a Saturday 3 weeks ago in Leavenworth, drove the MINI, and came home with it on Tuesday.  Its been a total blast, and I've even installed Cravenspeed's short shifter.  I've joined owners club, and have a few drives already planned as well as an install day in Olympia.

Its the beginning of a beautiful relationship! (yes, Sarah loves it too!).