I've always liked photography, and thanks to my friend Aaron, I'm learning more about things like lighting and different settings for DSLR cameras.  However, most people just want to point and shoot.  I do it all the time.  But there are always a few very tiny things you can do to make your point and shoot photos dramatically better. 

1. Don't use the flash.  I WISH I could say NEVER, but sometimes in very low light conditions its the only option.  Check out this fantastic post on Gizmodo (look at all those poor suckers who just took a crappy photo) for more info.  This is typically the number 1 reason your pictures pretty much suck.

2. Don't use Zoom.  Your point and shoot CAN zoom, just like it CAN flash.  But again, you shouldn't.  Instead, try moving closer to your subject.  Most compact digital cameras only have digital zoom.  This uses the software to blow up the image, and increases pixelation, discoloration all other kinds of nasty things.  Read more at Lifehacker.

Hopefully those will help get you on the road to better quick shots. Got another tip? Post up in the comments.