Tick This Box.

Yesterday I read a post on TUAW.com that I thought was too good to be true.  Apparently iTunes has this magic new tick box (or check box for your american types) in your iPhone & iPod Touch's settings that will convert all your music on your phone into 128kbps AAC files.  This means a huge savings in the space taken by your music.  And thats not the best part.  The best part is that this conversion is done on the fly, so none of your original high-quaility files will be affected.

So last night I gave this a shot.  Before the conversion I had just over 26GB of music on my iPhone.

I only had just over 438MB for 'incidentals', which really isn't much, and as you can see, no videos.  Before I had to select playlists instead of syncing my whole library.

So I ticked the box, and let 'er rip.  It was a slow going process (not sure exactly, since I just let it run overnight), but I'd guess it took an hour on my Macbook Pro.  The results?

BAM! This saved me darn near 9 gigabytes. NINE! I could fit 2 or more full length motion pictures with that extra space.

So whats the catch? Well this might not be an option for audiophiles.  If you're familiar with the brands Shure or Etymotic, then you might not be down with the space saving.  But for the rest of us who listen to music casually, the space savings is truly magical.