Album of the Week

Kavinsky - Outrun

I was going to post about Random Access Memories, but I'm sure some of you are already sick of it– briefly, I love it. While this post isn't about Daft Punk, it is in the same vein. 

Kavinsky's Outrun is also an awesome electronic masterpiece. It screams 80s and embodies the Ferarri Testerosa. It could also be a soundtrack to a sweet 80s film like The Wraith. Most likely this album will be famous for the track "Nightcall" which was featured in the movie Drive (a must see).

At any rate, download this album straight away. You'll have it on repeat for a few weeks, and then again in a few months.  As of this post, Amazon has the full album for just 6 bucks.

Amon Amarth - Deciever of the Gods

If you're not already an Amon Amarth fan and you consider yourself a metalhead, then you're missing out.  While I wasn’t a fan of their last album, Surtur Rising, Amon is back with a vengance. Deciever of the Gods is right up there with Twilight of the Thunder God, Fate of the Norns and With Odin on Our Side. Try not banging your head. \m/

As of this writing, Amazon also has Deceiver and older Amon albums on sale. For $6, you best pick up this album.  

I guess you can catch Amon on tour this summer with some other shitty metal bands at Mayhem Festival (if that's your thing). Personally, I'll wait for the headline tour. 

Soundgarden - King Animal

King Animal

After 16 years (wow), Soundgarden is finally releasing a new album– and boy, are your earholes are getting some candy.

Soundgarden put the entire album up for streaming on iTunes. I listened to it three times in a row last Tuesday. I don't have any super insightful comments, but I can say I love the new album. It is hands down the Soundgarden you'd expect and Chris Cornell still has the pipes.  Welcome back Soundgarden, you've been away too long.

The Faint - Danse Macabre

Amazingly, iTunes has it a bit cheaper.

So I'm pretty sure I was in my tiny studio apartment in college and I remember watching some MTV show where Moby was hosting. The only thing worth remembering about the above scenario is how awesome The Faint's "Agenda Suicide" video was.  I also think that The Faint was my first foray out of mainstream music.  

Apparently last Tuesday was The Faint's 2nd studio album 10 year anniversary, so they re-released it, remastered and added a few extra tracks from other projects.  While the original album was awesome in its entirety, I was particularly excited that "Take Me to the Hospital" was added to this album.  The Faint's Danse Macabre, especially with the additional tracks, is an essential album to own.

And check out the video that got me hooked on The Faint.  Thanks Moby!

Digitalism - I Love You Dude

I Love You, Dude
V2 / Cooperative Music USA / Downtown Records

Yup. I'm behind. Suck it. However, I've got a pretty fantastic album.  I had forgotten about it from when it was released last year, but it really is a great album from beginning to end. I listened to it from beginning to end a few times last week, and so should you.

I had heard Digitalism's "Pogo" a quite a while back and was looking forward to a new album and I wasn't disappointed. If you like electronic music, you should also love Digitalism's I Love You Dude. While there really isn't anything fancy about the album, it does have a great range of diverse electronic tracks and offers something for even the pickiest electronica lovers.

Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage

L'Enfant Sauvage (Special Edition)
Roadrunner Records

Gojira (a Japanese pronunciation of "Godzilla") is a French metal band with an environmentalist twist. This is their 4th album and I love it.

I can't even do this album justice by describing it. It must be heard.  If you like metal, Gojira is the poster child.

I also had the amazing opportunity to see them play at the tiny "The Studio at Webster Hall" here in NYC last month (300 people max!) and it was an amazing show. Over the last 2 years, Gojira has easily crept into one of my favorite bands of all time, and their latest effort only solidified that.

Stand out tracks (I do love the entire album- all 5 stars):