Amon Amarth - Deciever of the Gods

If you're not already an Amon Amarth fan and you consider yourself a metalhead, then you're missing out.  While I wasn’t a fan of their last album, Surtur Rising, Amon is back with a vengance. Deciever of the Gods is right up there with Twilight of the Thunder God, Fate of the Norns and With Odin on Our Side. Try not banging your head. \m/

As of this writing, Amazon also has Deceiver and older Amon albums on sale. For $6, you best pick up this album.  

I guess you can catch Amon on tour this summer with some other shitty metal bands at Mayhem Festival (if that's your thing). Personally, I'll wait for the headline tour. 

Cheap Music: Soundgarden, Crystal Castles and Daft Punk

Amazon's got 50 albums for $3.99 and here are the 3 you should buy. Not bad for under $10 for all 3. King Animal was one of my album of the week picks, and Crystal Castle's III could easily be added when I start it up again. As for Daft Punk, well, let's just say Tron Legacy wouldn't have been nearly as awesome without their help.