Finally, A True Companion Watch for iOS

Ever since the iPod nano's watch strap craze, I was hoping that Apple would run with the idea and actually push out a companion watch for iOS.  While that may very well still be in the works, this bad boy appeared on The Verge as a Kickstarter project.  As soon as I got home from work, I backed the project for $125.

The crazy bit is that when I looked at the project just after the Verge's post, it had just met its goal of $100k (at about $108k at that time). Within the next 8 hours it hit $1MM.  As of this post its over $3MM. That is insane, but it just goes to show that I'm not the only one clamoring for a watch that not only looks amazing, but offers up additional functionality and can provide as a quick link to our phone's information.

The team behind the Pebble have also been adding features since they're completely over-funded.  The same day I pledged, they announced they were going to fully waterproof the Pebble.  Fantastic, because that was instantly one of my first concerns, as I occasionally forget to take my watch off before I hit the shower.

While I could go over all the features, your best bet is to just move forward read about the Pebble on the official Kickstarter page.  You have until May 18 to pledge and get one of your own.

Chris Pirillo’s Dad Uses Mac OS X for the First Time

I found this super intriguing.  Chris Pirillo had his father test out Windows 8 for the first time, so OS X was a natural follow up.  While his dad does seem slightly more computer savvy than most people in his age bracket, he unsurprisingly gets along quite well in Mac's OS. 

Some of the interesting take-aways are his dad's:

  • association that Google = the Internet
  • recognition of the connection and familiarity with iOS
  • admission that he's "afraid of the cloud"
  • comment that he doesn't like iTunes, but he likes the App Store

Feel free to leave your own thoughts in a comment.