Nine Inch Nails: halo twenty eight & wallpapers

Today, is a great day. After 5 years Trent Reznor has resurrected Nine Inch Nails to share a new single and announce his the new album Hesitation Marks September 3rd release date.

So I've got some treats for y'all. First, I'm hoping you've already pressed play on the video above to hear the first single Came Back Haunted.

Then, because I'm in love with the new iteration of the NIN identity for this album, I took the liberty of recreating the logo and some desktop wallpapers to go with it. Download yours below: 

iOS7 Concept

Interesting concept video with some great ideas for iOS7 which is slated to get a drastic redesign (finally). However, John Gruber makes a great point that we won't see the end of the rounded corner app icons– Apple owns this.

The one thing that immediately stuck out as a WTF for me, was the relocation of the swipe-to-unlock to the top of the device. Sure, it may look interesting and different, but from a pure single-hand usability standpoint, there is no way it will happen.