Ensiferum - From Afar

From Afar

One of my favorite metal genres is Folk Metal.  I've always loved bagpipes and other folk instruments, however, I really only knew of punk banks that implemented folk instruments, such as Flogging Molly or the Dropkick Murphys.  Which I still enjoy them, but they don't have the epic sound that you can get from Folk Metal. 

This week's album of the week is Ensiferum's From Afar.  Their new album Unsung Heros is out in Europe this week, and next month for the US.  From Afar embodies folk metal, in my opinion.  On the title track "From Afar" you've got galloping and melodic guitars, energetic harsh vocals, a whole orchestra and even a "chorus" for the, well chorus-- all of which making for the truly epic folk metal sound (specifically Finnish Viking Folk Metal). An awesome album overall, and there is something for any type of metal head.  My favorite tracks on the album: