Thy Catafalque - Reneteg

Season of Mist

I found Thy Catafalque late last year in my rediscovery of metal.  I was pretty sick of the metal that was coming out of the US, and bands I did enjoy from the US weren't putting out anything interesting.  I think I found Thy Catafalque while browsing's similar artists feature (though it very well could have been browsing new releases in RDIO).  Thy Catafalque is a one man force: Tamás Kátai, sort of like Nine inch Nails and Trent Reznor. So I can seriously appreciate that.

Hailing from Hungary (this blew my mind) and singing entirely in Hungarian, their sound is some of the most diverse music from a single band I've heard.  Apparently categorized as Avant Garde metal, Kátai mixes symphonic strings with electronic overtones, with pulsating drums and seriously heavy rhymic guitars- often in a single track.  Reneteg is absolutely an adventure and your ears will love you for taking them along. Often a song will start out über metal , then wind down to a symphonic almost lullabye, then take off on an electronic dance tour.  Seriously, I cannot say enough amazing things about this band and their diversity. They even pinch my music nerve- a disco beat. Stand out tracks:

  • Fekete mezok
  • Trilobita
  • Az eső, az eső, az eső

8.99 on Amazon mp3 and worth every cent.