On the iPhone 5S & 5C

iPhone 5S

This year's iPhone is an "S" model. Exactly in line with every other "S" model the iPhone has seen– an iterative improvement on last year's iPhone. But just because it's iterative, doesn't mean its not innovative. Sure it doesn't look different, but why does the phone casing/design have to change to make it innovative? Surely the 5S is innovative as well.

So just like the 4S and the 3GS, I'd wager for most folks with last year's iPhone 5 may not find an upgrade appealing enough, myself included. And that's OK- I'm pretty sure Apple is fine with their customers on a 2-year upgrade cycle anyway. It matches most carrier contracts. Those that can afford to upgrade each year are going to do it anyway because, if you have the money, why not get the best phone possible?  I have absolutely no doubt that the iPhone 5S will be the best phone on the market (until next year's iPhone).

The iPhone 5C

Yeah, it lives up to the possible monikers for the C- Color, Cheap, Consumer, plastiC. My bet is that the target audiences for this phone are:

  • Your Mom
  • Your Kid Sister
  • First-time iPhone buyers

Sure there are others that will buy, but if you're not stoked about the 5C colors, this phone isn't meant for you. Its essentially an iPhone 5, which is still a great phone even for phones just coming to market. 

So I do have a confession. I made a couple of big changes before today: I'm on an HTC One with T-Mobile. I was finally ready for a complete change. I'll post more on this change later, but the short of it is that, even after using iOS7 for several weeks now, I needed a change.

Quickly, why T-Mobile? Jump. I can trade this sucker up in 6 months if I'm miserable.

While I decided to move to Android for at least 6 months, the iPhone is still absolutely the best phone and OS available. In true Apple form, it just works and it works amazingly well.  The iPhone 5S and 5C are absolutely my recommended phones. Hands down.