iPad Mini

iPad Mini with Retina Display

Finally. The device I've been waiting for.  Unfortunately it looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer. I've said it before, the iPad Mini is my favorite Apple device and that the only thing lacking was simply the retina display. 

While quite a few folks might opt in for the lighter, thinner, full-sized iPad Air, the 7.9" screen is the perfect tablet size for me. Easily held in one hand yet still offering a good amount of screen real estate to make reading and productivity a joy. 

The iPad Mini is even better than what was envisioned with the Star Trek PADD .

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

I wanted an iPad Mini. I really did. Obviously since I'm in that Apple ecosystem, it would make sense. I even had an iPad and some great apps to go with it. But when it came down to it, the screen (or lack thereof) was a huge letdown.  While I can guess as to why the iPad Mini didn't get the high ppi "retina" display (cost, battery), I think it was a big mis-step for those of us who are already used to the retina quality displays.

This brings me to my alternate purchase: Google's Nexus 7. I had wanted to explore