A few weeks with Pebble

After nearly a year wait, I finally received my Pebble smart watch late April. I was an early backer of the now-famous Kickstarter project and had originally chosen to pay extra for a unique color version, specifically white. To make a long story short, the white Pebble as of this writing still hasn't even hit production, so I had opted for the tried-and-true black version.

Quick Summary

I love it. I wish it did a bit more and the ID was a bit more sleek, but overall I'm very happy.

This is Cool

 Watchfaces. To my knowledge, no other watch offers community made watch faces. There are a ton of choices, all free (at this time) and some really great faces to be had.

click to embiggen / all watchfaces taken from and available at

Music Control.  The feature I was most looking forward to was actually the music/iPod controls. Now I can glance at my wrist to see what's playing or to play/pause. This actually worked very well for controlling tracks while my iPhone was sending music via Airplay to my stereo. Hopefully I'll have a small Airplay/Bluetooth speaker to use in the bathroom while I shower.

Text/Email Notifications. While you can actually have a whole slew of notifications enabled, I quickly found I didn't want my wrist buzzing all the time (and while I'm trying to sleep– more on that later). But it is fantastic to get text and email notifications. 

Caller ID & Answer/Reject Calls.  Glance down to see who's calling and bitch click. 'Nuff said.

E-Paper screen. Fantastic in all lighting conditions. Think of your Kindle, the contrast is great and makes this watch a fantastic, well, watch. Bonus? I've been getting 6 days of battery life. Pretty great. So those are 2 reasons why there is not a color screen.

Other Great Bonuses: 

  • Battery Life. 6 days so far.
  • User-replaceable watch straps (already did mine and backed another Kickstarter)
  • Waterproof– wear it in the shower or go swimming. Yup.

Not So Cool

The Industrial Design. I can't complain a whole lot, its mostly aesthetics I'm not happy with. It's bulky and function was definitely chosen over form.

The USB charger. Related to the above, but using a proprietary connector to charge isn't handy. I found out the hard way when I lost mine. As of this writing, the charger is not available separately so I had to reach out personally to Pebble for a replacement. They are sending me a replacement (Thanks!).

This is Odd

Limited Notifications on iOS. Definitely not Pebble's fault, but at this time only mail, sms and caller ID are "supported". You can use a workaround to receive just about any other notification, but it isn't permanent.  We might see improvement with iOS7.

Final Thoughts

When I lost my USB charger for my Pebble, I quickly found out how much I missed it. I was really upset– I missed a few phone calls and looked at my empty wrist several times. Sure it isn't perfect, but was it worth my backing support of $120 and I very much love my Pebble.