Top 10 Amazon MP3 Black Friday Albums

Amazon's MP3 store has a few hundred albums for around $5 each, which started a couple days ago. I've sifted through their 778 albums to bring you 10 that you should absolutely spend your money on. I've got techno, electronica, alt, comedy, rap and of course metal. Buy using the links below and I'll get a small cut- the least you can do to thank me for sifting through all that garbage! Enjoy.


Foo Fighters





Sleigh Bells


Louis C.K.


The Sword

I discovered The Sword when I saw them open for Trivium several years back. I immediately thought:

  1. These kids are young.
  2. They must be big fans of D&D.
  3. Dude, they kick some ass.

So coming in at #1 to purchase for Amazon's MP3 sale is their 4th studio album just released October 22nd. Absolutely worth your $6.