New Headphones: Harman Kardon CL

I listen to music nearly all day at work. It's actually something I love most about my job. For about 3 weeks now I've been using my new Harman Kardon CL on-ear headphones. And I'm in love.


Th CLs aren't cheap. They'll run you $199 at The Apple Store (one of the few authorized retailers), but if you listen or enjoy music as much as I do, they're worth every penny. They also feel the quality if the price- metal headband, comfy memory foam ear pads and 2 sizes of headbands that form to your dome.

I've never really owned a nice set of headphones before, and if $200 headphones aren't worth blinking at, then you may know different. For me, the sound on these are amazing. I now want to ensure I'm listening to quality audio files so I can hear those nuances I've never heard previously. The CLs aren't bass heavy, but you'll get a fantastic low end. The highs are crisp, and everything in between sounds great to me– again, purely based on my previous experience.  Sound isolation, even for on-ear headphones are really great, thanks to the memory foam.

My only complaint here is that I wouldn't take them with me on my commute. The just feel like indoor headphones and I wouldn't want them to accidentally get dinged or rained on. So they stay at the office. However, If I take a plane, I'd most definitely bring these along.

Overall? If you got about $200, don't have Bowers & Wilkins P5s (though, they compete with the P3s) or some other fancy high-end headphones, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you'll want to thank me. You may do so in the comments.

$167.99 $179.99

3 New Albums You Should Buy Today

The past few weeks has been great for music. While I'm anxiously awaiting Amorphis's Circle, these 3 great albums have kept me more than happy.

Meir is Kvelertak's second album. Some very fantastic Norwegian post-punk metal. If you've not heard of Kvelertak yet, shame on you.

Disarm The Descent is Killswitch Engage's first album with the return of their original vocalist Jesse Leach. I liked Howard, but I whole heartedly welcome Jesse's return. I love this album.

Delta Machine is Depeche Mode's 13th studio album. It is probably  one of their best albums. It has the classic gloom feel and is a bit more on the electronic side than other efforts.

Have a favorite track? Comment up.

Cheap Music: Soundgarden, Crystal Castles and Daft Punk

Amazon's got 50 albums for $3.99 and here are the 3 you should buy. Not bad for under $10 for all 3. King Animal was one of my album of the week picks, and Crystal Castle's III could easily be added when I start it up again. As for Daft Punk, well, let's just say Tron Legacy wouldn't have been nearly as awesome without their help.

Top 10 Amazon MP3 Black Friday Albums

Amazon's MP3 store has a few hundred albums for around $5 each, which started a couple days ago. I've sifted through their 778 albums to bring you 10 that you should absolutely spend your money on. I've got techno, electronica, alt, comedy, rap and of course metal. Buy using the links below and I'll get a small cut- the least you can do to thank me for sifting through all that garbage! Enjoy.


Foo Fighters





Sleigh Bells


Louis C.K.


The Sword

I discovered The Sword when I saw them open for Trivium several years back. I immediately thought:

  1. These kids are young.
  2. They must be big fans of D&D.
  3. Dude, they kick some ass.

So coming in at #1 to purchase for Amazon's MP3 sale is their 4th studio album just released October 22nd. Absolutely worth your $6.