Hand crafted websites. From ground-up HTML, CSS and JavaScript to CMS solutions such as Squarespace, Wordpress and Joomla. Each site tailored to each client and their needs with a perfect balance of client and design input.




Fun and Memorable

Dr. Jackson needed a redesign of her site to provide a more accurate representation of her passion for pediatric dentistry. Her previous site was aging and difficult to update. For the redesign we wanted to bring her practice environment to the web. Utilizing colors and textures from her practice, I created a site that accurately represents her brand and provides new and existing patients the information they need when they need it.





I built Jennifer's original site on Squarespace 5. She reached out to me to upgrade the site and overhaul it to take advantage of Squarespace's latest version, which required a full redesign. Jennifer needed a classy and business-forward site that and retain her SEO by properly redirecting links and importing her blog posts.

“I’ve worked with Shon for many years and have always appreciated his creativity, eye for impactful design, and ability to clearly communicate. When it came time to redesign my own website, Shon was the natural choice. Not only did he create a visually-appealing product that met my needs, but he took the time to walk me through the back-end to ensure it’s useful and I understand how to maximize the tool. His communication skills are as exceptional as his design skills.”
— Jennifer Korfiatis



 No secrets, visible passion

Restaurant sites should do at least 2 things completely without friction: view a menu and get contact information.  Daniel Nguyen approached me looking for a redesign of his site that would convey his passion and the growth his company is experiencing, while making it easier for his customers to quickly find what they're looking for– increasingly on their mobile devices. I designed the site around their visible passion for food, heritage and giving back. Together we created an effective site that delivers responsive design, pays homage to their values and increased daily unique visits by an average of 44%.




Choose your path

Shari Tastad, owner of Pathways Coaching, was ready to re-visit a website design I worked on 4 years ago. Moving to Squarespace's latest platform was crucial for Shari's site to maintain web standards and accommodate the ever growing population of mobile users. At the same time, Shari was ready to simplify. Her previous site tried to do too many things and made it increasingly difficult to stay relevant. The new site preserved her highly viewed blog posts, SEO and accurately represents the paths that Shari offers are creative, harmonizing and lead to wonderful results.

Shon has a diverse and strong background in program development, mentoring and design work. My work with Shon has spanned 15 years and I continue to enlist Shon’s help in many projects and unique applications. Not only is Shon talented in terms of developing content but his commitment to creating honest and loyal relationships I highly value. I have watched Shon take on multiple challenges and work diligently to create solid foundations in companies and with people. His design skill is beyond skilled and his ability to motivate and manage others inspiring. Shon would be a valuable asset to any team or company looking to expand and refine a team.
— Shari Tastad


There's something fantastic about being able to hold a creation in your hand in today's device-centered world. After learning so much about HTML, I grew quite passionate for CMYK, layout design and pride myself on my pre-press file preparation. While my favorite canvas is the business card, I love a challenging layout.


Bands, business & Booze

Challenging layouts, demanding photo shoots, budgets of various sizes and iteration after iteration of wine labels– all part of the process to keep learning and growing.

Coming Soon: New 16oz can design from Badger Mountain Brewing!



Logo design is humbling– not just from the design challenge standpoint, but in delivering on what a client envisions for their brand, their business and livelihood. The logo could be the single most important piece of any brand. This is a sampling of a few that I've been lucky enough to work on.