It’s the speed, creativity, adrenaline, pushing limits, fresh powder, and friends.
— Matt Z.
For me, it’s the views and the freedom to explore the mountain.
— Tim S.
It can be super peaceful.
— Aaron P.
I don’t know any other activity where you come down wind burnt, sore, tired, and you can’t wait to go up again.
— Caitlin S.


The mountain brings people together– once you hear it you can't escape it again. Whether its the rush of speed,  peaceful stillness of the snowfall, the muscle aches, or simply the warmth and view from the lodge, you'll be back for more.

I'm Shon Dempsey

And you want me on your team this season. With my 13+ years of design and marketing experience, I'll increase followers on social media, reach new riders and make connections with them, resulting in more revenue this season and the next.

From those that just need a whisper to the ones who haven't heard it before, I'll amplify the call of Big Chief & Cowboy at Stevens Pass.